Google Indic Keyboard for PC (Windows 7, 8, 10) & Mac Free Download

As we all know this Google Indic Keyboard is free to use on Android Mobile or Android Operating System. But do you know Google Indic Keyboard PC has More than 2,000,000+ users and using this Keyboard on their PC!

Is Google Indic Keyboard available for PC? the answer is YES! You can use Google Indic Keyboard on your PC for free. It is available in all languages and their variants.

What does the Google Indic keyboard do? The Google Indic keyboard Allows you to type your message/email/post on Any website or document in any Language you want.

How to Download Google Indic Keyboard for PC?

There are 3 ways to use this Google Indic Keyboard for PC but the first way is almost to fulfill 80% of your need for using this Google Indic Keyboard on PC.

1. Using Google Indic keyboard Chrome Extension:

It does not matter what operating system you are using here, if you are using a Google Chrome Browser then you can simply install one Chrome Extension and your Google Indic keyboard is ready to use.

Step 1: Go to the Chrome Web Store and search for Google Input Tool and you will see one extension like below.

Google Indic Keyboard on Chrome Extension

Step 2: Install the Chrome Extension by using the button above.

Step 3: Click on the Installed Extension in your Chrome Browser and go to Extension Options.

Select Your Input Language for Google Indic Keyboard on Chrome

Step 4: In Extension Options you can choose the Input Language that you use, and you will see the selected language in the right table as shown in the image above.

All Done, Now you can click on the Extension and select your Language and start typing. Please note this Keyboard does not translate you can type the English letters in your Native language pronunciation and you will get a similar output.

2. Directly Add Your Language in Windows 10 PC:

According to the Windows Help support, “The phonetic keyboards are available starting from Windows 10 May 2019 Update, and Indian language users won’t need to download and install any external Input Method Editors (IMEs) to input Indic text in a phonetic style.”

That means you can just go to Language Setting in Windows 10 PC and then search for your Local Language and download it.

Step 1: Search and Go to Language Settings in your Windows 10 PC.

Step 2: Then find and click on the “+ Add Language” Button/option and search for your native language name then select the Language and click on the Next Button

Step 3: Then click on the Install Button to add the Keyboard Language in your Windows 10 PC.

All Done!! to do this you need Internet and 20 MB of DATA approximately. You can select or switch your Keyboard Language from the Taskbar near Date and time is displayed.

3. Use Android Emulator and Download Google Indic Keyboard App:

This becomes easier if you use Android OS Like Phoenix OS or Prime OS. But if you want to use the Google Indic Keyboard for PC then you can download andy Android Emulator to use it.

Note: When you use any Android Emulator you can not copy the message from Emulator to Windows. So to get your Message or Post out of the Emulator you need to upload it and then download it on PC.

Step 1: Download any popular Android Emulator like Bluestack.

Step 2: Then open the Emulator on your PC and go to Google Play Store.

Step 3: Then download the Google Indic Keyboard App and wait to install.

Google Indic Keyboard Android App on PC using Emulator

Step 4: You can now choose your Native Language and type your message, email, or blog post.

Can I use Google Indic Keyboard Offline on PC?

The Answer is Yes! You can download and Use the Google Indic Keyboard offline on your PC without the Internet.

For this, you can use the Chrome Extension version type your Message, and then copy it to notepad.

another option is to add Your Native Language to the Windows 10 Keyboard and use it in any document offline.

If you are using the Android Emulator then just open the emulator create a new Text document and type your message and save it. You can use this message anytime you want.

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