Chrome OS Download on PC [2021 Latest] – Download For Mac & Windows 7/8/10

Chrome OS – A google Produce derived from Open Source Software Chromium OS. This Chrome OS is a Linux-based OS where the user can do all web Activities.

Nobody can use Chrome OS except the Chromebook Users. If you want to install this OS on your PC/Laptop you will have to try the alternative that is Chromium and open source project.

Chromium OS is an Open Source OS mostly used by developers and lots of online websites allow downloading this OS for free.

If you are looking for an Android OS then Phoenix OS is the best alternative to Chrome OS.

NameChrome OS
VersionChrome_OS_64Bit Installer
OS TypeAndroid 9.0
Storage Require64GB
RAM Require4GB
Download LinkClick Here

How to Install Chrome OS on PC with Windows 10/8?

Note: I would not recommend you install this Chromium OS; because this is a developer’s Operating System and if you are not a technical person then nobody can help you if you lose your data.

Rather You can buy a New Chrome Book if you are ok with it You can check some Prices of Chromebooks on Amazon

Step 1: Download Chrome OS Zip File

Before You Download CloudReady

You need to backup your important files from the PC for safety purposes. And get a Pen Drive with a size of more than 8 GB to make it bootable for Chrome OS.

Download this Zip File with Chrome OS

To download the Zip file of OS Click Here and download the file as shown in the image above.

Step 2: Add Recovery Utility Extension in your Chrome

Now Click Here to add one Chrome Extension Chrome Recovery Utility so that you can create that Zip file of OS into Bootable OS Pendrive.

Install Chromebook Recovery Utility
Check this article that helps you to Convert your PD into Bootable PD for Chrome OS

Step 3: Now Reboot Your PC

Once you have converted Your PD into a Bootable PD with Chromium OS Restart Your PC while keeping the Pendrive inserted in PC.
Click Continue
When Your PC starts it will show you the option to install a new OS. Choose your Pendrive as the source and click continue

Step 4: Select Chrome OS to Install

Click to Install Chrome OS

Then the next option is to choose Install Cloudready as shown in the image above. If you are getting difficulty in understanding please refer to the video given below these steps.

Step 5: Choose Duolboot Chrome+Windows

Cloudready Installing with WIndows

Now you will have two options
1. Install CloudReady Standalone
2. Install the CloudReady DualBoot.

If you choose the 1st option your old drive will be erased and the new OS will be installed.
If you choose 2nd Option then you will get Chrome OS as secondary OS and Windows as the primary OS.

After this, the installation will take some time around 20 Minutes and your PC will Reboot again. Then You will see two options on the Startup:

  • CloudReady
  • Windows

Choose your Operating OS to get started with, please note the Cloudready is Chrome OS. and Windows is your old Windows OS.

Thanks to Youtube I found this easy Installation Video – If you facing any issue with the steps above just go through this video below.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: What’s the difference between Chromium OS and Google Chrome OS?

Answer: Chromium OS is an Open-source Project made for developers and is free to install and use. Chrome OS is a Google Product for consumers that is only available with Chromebooks.

Q2: Can I put Chrome OS on my computer?

Answer: No!! Chrome OS is a Google Product that comes with Chromebooks only. But You can use Chromium OS that is Open Source OS made for developers.

Q3: Is Chrome OS better than Windows 10?

Answer: Yes!! If you are one of those who only use PC/Laptop with Internet and Chrome and not with Word, Excel, or Games then Chrome OS is the best choice for you.

Q4: What OS is Chrome OS based on?

Answer: Chrome OS is designed by Google. It is derived from the free software Chromium OS and is a Gentoo Linux based operating system

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