Connecting PS4 Controller on PC – And Creating Virtual Controller on PC

There are 3 ways to connect your PS4 Controller on PC and play the PC games using a controller. But if you don’t have any Controller then you can use the Keyboard Splitter to create the Virtual Controller on PC and use Keyboard as a Controller.

You can connect the PS4 Controller on PC using USB Cable, Using Bluetooth, Using third Party Application+Bluetooth. The Recommended Way is to use the Wireless Bluetooth Mode.

How to Connect PS4 Controller on PC?

As I have mentioned already there are 3 ways to connect the Controller but it’s up to you how you want to connect the PS4 Controller on PC. I will skip the third party software installation process for connecting the PS4 Controller with PC

  • Use USB Cable to Connect the PS4 Controller with PC
  • Use Bluetooth to PS4 Controller to PC

Let’s get started with the procedure and after this, I will share with you how you can use your PC keyboard itself as a Controller to play Controller games like Cricket19.

Connect PS4 Controller With PC Using USB Cable:

There is no special trick to share with you as you know how to connect anything with PC using USB Cable. Just make sure you USE a USB to Micro USB cable to connect the PS4 Controller on PC.

This image below will show you the proper connection of this Controller with the PC.

Use USB Cable to Connect the PS4 Controller with PC

Once you connect the PS4 controller with your PC/Laptop you will see a notification of detecting USB device, if your controller successfully installs the drivers then your PC will automatically detect the controller.

If your PC/Laptop does not detect the controller then use the troubleshooter with keeping the PC/laptop connected with the Internet to find the proper drivers online and download it. Or else just try this Bluetooth connection of PS4 Controller with your PC/laptop.

Connect PS4 Controller with PC using Bluetooth:

For this process make sure your PC/laptop Bluetooth is turned ON now go to the Bluetooth settings in PC/laptop and search for new devices.

If you don’t know how to turn On Bluetooth on your PC – Read how to get Bluetooth on your PC

While doing this you just have to press the Playstation Button + Share Button on the PS4 Controller to make the controller discoverable with Bluetooth.

Use Bluetooth to PS4 Controller to PC

If you are finding any problem while connecting the PS4 Controller on PC you can follow these same steps from the video below.

How to Create a Virtual Controller on PC?

If you don’t have a PS4 controller or any Gaming Controller but you want to play some games that come with only controller inputs, for example, Cricket19 then you can use your PC/Laptop keyboard as a Controller by creating Virtual Controller on PC using Keyboard Splitter.

How to Create a Virtual Controller on PC

There are multiple uses of this Keyboard splitter software but here we are going to discuss how to use it as a Virtual controller to play games on pc.

Follow these steps to download Keyboard Splitter:

  • Download the Xbox 360 Controller Driver to support the Virtual Controller. Click Here
  • Install the drivers and Restart your PC.
  • Before Restart, you can download the Keyboard Splitter and Read next process Download Keyboard Splitter
  • Now Install the Keyboard Splitter. You can install the setup or just copy the installed folder in the game folder that requires Keyboard splitter software. This will help you you to keep in mind that you need to start the Keyboard splitter to play this game.
  • Before you start the game you need to start the Keyboard splitter this will block your keyboard and convert some of its buttons into a virtual controller for example – You can use WASD for Movement.
  • Watch the video below to get a clear idea of the installation process and how to use this software for a virtual controller.