After PUBG Mobile Banned in India Akshay Kumar Released one Poster of the FAUG Game Release Date that is coming soon.

This game poster was leaked Yesterday on the Twitter account of Akshay Kumar and then spread over the Internet world.

I am writing this Post to aware you of all of the fake news on the Internet. There are lots of Blogger and Youtubers that are creating fake posts and trailers to get views.


I know you guys are smart to identify but if anybody asks for subscribing (Paid/Free) don’t fall for it.

About FAUG Game Release Date:

As if now till 5th Sept 2020 we only have the leaked Poster of Faug Game that showing Comming soon sign.


But if this game was planned already and due to this PUBG Mobile is banned then there is a great possibility this game will launch in its beta version soon in a few weeks.

once the nCore releases any Press Release we will update the Release date and Beta application link below.

FAUG Game 1.0 beta Download

FAUG Game Release Date Trailer and Beta Download

Game Features

  • Indian Mobile Game
  • Based on Indian Solders Story
  • Story Mode Mission Game
  • Release Date: Late October
  • Size: upto 1 GB
  • Founder: nCoreGames

Or The Release Date of Faug Game might go next year January 2021. It depends on how prepared the nCore Games (FAUG Game Owners) are and how powerful their servers are. Because the Indian Gaming Community is like a Sand Storm it can shut down any Mobile game servers quickly.

What is FAUG Game?

FAUG Stands for Fearless And United Guards is suppose to be a multiplayer Battle Royale Game developed by nCore Games in India. This game is made in India and it is announced that 20% of its revenue will be shared with the Indian Army.

The FAUG was leaked yesterday just after removing the PUBG Mobile game from the Play store. This made FAUG instant viral coming soon game.


Indian Gaming Community is already ready for Games they just want a game that can entertain them. If Indian companies can provide this then this will be a proud moment for all Gamers that they are playing their own game that will donate some amount to their own army.

What is nCore Games?

nCore Games is an Indian Mobile Game Developer company that is going to create this FAU-G Fearless And United Guards game. The date is still not disclosed and doesn’t know how much time it will take to launch the beta version.

I wish Indian Government and This nCore Games Company all the best and hope you will launch the game soon, and I hope the Indian Gaming community will appreciate the game and love it as they loved PUBG Mobile.

FAUG is Copy of Collision of Innocence – Poster Copied?

India is my Country all Indians are Critics!! oops sorry!! But what is this FAUG is Copy of Collision of Innocence? The game that seemed to be the pride of India doesn’t have its original poster yet??

Talking like this or understanding it or criticizing this fact is somehow right because asking for what is right is not crime right! But can we stop this for some limit for making a common sense and let the game owner or the promoter a chance to explain.

FAUG is Copy of Collision of Innocence - Poster Copied

I know PUBG Mobile was too close to everyone’s heart and the government banned it. But this might be one chance that the company took the opportunity and made a poster that could be attractive and easy to promote.

FAUG is Copy of What?

The poster promoted is matching with the song album poster of Collision of Innocence, and lots of Tweeter members and Youtubers are making it a scene.

If you have noticed no big YouTuber or any authorized person has posted anything bad about the FAUG game but all those who want Views and attention are creating a lot of drama.


I just want to say whenever AMD made their graphics they took similarities from NVidia. So even if FAUG launches as a copy of PUBG there should not be any problem because lots of apps and Games share or sell their main source code and the rest changes are made by the buying company.

So we should not criticize if any one of us is trying to beat the International competition where we are the nation of 25% market cap for that industry. If we support and help the FAUG Game if it really launches then this will create one more history about India in the world.