How to Display Game FPS ON PC – Windows 8/10

Showing FPS on PC – The Day I saw a Youtuber Playing GTA 5 with Display Game FPS on PC it was Windows 10 I think, I decided to show the same FPS on my Windows 10 PC too.

Having a Gaming PC is the first dream and Playing Games on it with Game FPS Display is another.

But What is GAME FPS?

The Frames Per second we see on the screen that our CPU can process with GPU. The more your CPU Clock and Core size the More FPS it supports. To Play 60 FPS and above use CPU with More than 2 Cores and 3.0 GHz Frequency.

How to Display Game FPS on PC?

How to Display Game FPS ON PC - Using Xbox Gamebar

I am using Windows 10 in my PC so I will share the same tutorial for how to activate Display Game FPS on Windows 10 PC. Please look for the same procedure if you are using Windows 8 or other.

Total Time: 9 minutes

Step 1:- Download and Install Xbox Game Bar

Go to Windows Microsoft Store and download the Xbox Game Bar First. Then Install the Software and give some permissions if asked and restart your PC.

Step 2:- Open Xbox Game Bar

Now use the shortcuts Windows+G to launch Xbox Game Bar. Then click on the Performance tab and it will open a new window with showing some stats like CPU/GPU/RAM/FPS.

Step 3:- Pin the Performance Tab

Pin this Display using the Pin option on it. Before you use the FPS option you need to give some permission and Restart the PC again.
Pinning the Game bar FPS Display

Now All Done. If you don’t see the Game FPS Display on PC just press Windows+G again and open the performance tab.

This display usually starts automatically when you start any game.