chorme://flags – 10+ Best Chrome Flags in Android 2021

Chrome Flags [chorme://flags] in Android and PC are different, some of them are common but you can check the flags are available for your device or not.

What are Chrome Flags?

Just like the Chrome extensions, chrome Flags work like Chrome Mods, you can enable or disable them for enhancing the chrome browser functionality.

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Some Best Chrome Flags for Android are:

  • Incognito Screenshot
  • Dark Mode on
  • Parallel Download
  • Voice Search Assistant
  • Simplified Reader Mode
  • Read Later
  • Share Button in Top
  • Heavy Ad Intervention
  • Google Lens
  • Smooth Scrolling
  • Tab Grid and Tab Groups
  • Enable LiteVideos
Best Chrome Flags for All Users

How to Enable Chrome Flags in Android?

Please Note: Chrome Flags are a developer mode option, so be careful while using them. Any random flag can change your browsing experience and you may lose your cache or cookie data.

Follow these steps below to Enable chorme://flags in Android Chrome Browser:

Step 1: Type Chrome://Flags in the chrome URL bar. You can not use HTTPS:// as it’s in the local directory of the chrome browser. If you use https://chrome:flags it will take you to google search.

Step 2: Then Search the name of Chrome Flag you want to Enable or Disable.

Search your Chrome Flag on Android Here

Step 3: You can Enable/Disable keep it as Default if you don’t know how that flag is going to work.

Check Below for Best Chrome Flags for Your Android Mobile:

You might don’t need all flags shared here, but if you use a few of them you will experience a huge change in your browsing on chrome.

Let’s get started with all the Important Chrome Flags that are best for Android Phones.

1. Incognito Screenshot:

As the Name of this Flag is describing everything; Enable this Flag and you are able to take screenshots in Incognito Mode.

If in case you are not able to take Screenshot in the incognito mode just visit the chrome://Flags and search for Incognito Screenshot and enable this flag.

2. Force Dark Mode:

This Chrome Flag is for Night Surfers, If you don’t like the white background then this flag will Force the Web Content to show in Dark Black Background.

Force Dark Mode Chrome Flag

To Enable this Dark Mode ON first visit the Chrome://Flags and then search with Force Dark Mode and Enable the Flag you see.

3. Parallel Download:

Utilize your Internet capacity for downloading any file, Fast download any file in your chrome browser by downloading two files at a time.

Yes, This Parallel Download Chrome Flag in Android lets you download 2 files simultaneously.

To Enable this Flag just visit Chrome://Flags and Search for Parallel Downloading and enable the flag.

4. Voice Search Assistance:

No need to type any search term every time. Search anything in your Mobile Chrome Browser using voice search assistance.

This Flag lets you speak the command and it will automatically type the keyword in chrome search. Just like the Google or Alexa Voice assistance in Mobile Phone.

To use this flag visit chrome://Flags and search for Omnibox Assistance Voice Search and enable the flag.

5. Simplified Reader Mode:

As you know there is Chrome Extension to Block All Ads on PC. But this Simplified Reader Mode is a Chrome Flag in Android that does the same work as Ad Blocker in Mobile Phone.

When you enable this flag it blocks all Display Ads, Floating Ads, and Popup Ads on any website you visit. This increases the user experience but decreases the website revenue as you will see blank space instead of the advertisement.

To use this chrome flag just visit Chrome://Flags and search for Reader Mode Triggering and enable the flag.

6. Read Later:

I love this concept similar to YouTube, you can use this chrome flag in Mobile to save the webpage and read it later when you are free.

Read Later Chrome Flag in Android

This Flag adds a new option in the menu where you can find all your Read Later Pages that you can access anytime.

To enable this flag just visit Chrome://Flags and search for reading Later and enable the flag.

7. Share Button in Top Bar:

When you have any web page and want to share it with your friends then normally you need to copy the link and then share it.

But This Share Button in Top adds one Button just next to the Address Bar in Chrome Browser and you can share the current page link with one click.

Share Button in Top Toolbar Chrome Flag

To Enable this Share button just visit Chrome://Flags and search for Share Button in Top Toolbar and enable the flag.

8. Heavy Ad Intervention:

There are lots of different ads nowadays and all ads consume your mobile power and Internet. To control this you can use Heavy Ad Intervention Flag, this will disable all heavy ads and only allow the lite ads.

So when you use this flag you will see some simple display ads but not some popup or video ads that consume more internet.

To enable this Flag just visit Chorme://Flags and search for Heavy Ad Intervention and enable the Chrome flag in Android Phone.

9. Google Lens:

Google Lens is just one step ahead in Searching about anything, You can enable this feature in your Mobile Chrome browser and enjoy object scan and search, language scan and translate, barcode scan and search, etc.

There are lots of advantages if you use the Google lens feature in your search activity.

To enable this feature just visit Chrome://Flags and search for Google Lens Powered Image search in the context and enable the flag.

10. Smooth Scrolling:

Scrolling is getting better these days now but if you face any lag issue while scrolling your web content you can use this Flag as an Advance feature in your Mobile Chrome Browser.

After using this Chrome Flag in your Android Phone you will feel more smoothness while scrolling the web page content up and down.

To enable this feature just visit Chrome://Flags and search for Smooth Scrolling and enable the flag.

11. Tab Group UI:

This flag is just awesome, you can pin the tabs just like in the Chrome PC browser. Enable this Flag and you can see all your tabs just at the bottom of your chrome browser on your android phone.

Tab Group UI Improvements Chrome Flag

Check the image below how it will look when you enable this Tab Group UI Flag.

To enable this Feature just visit Chrome://Flags and Search for Tab Group UI Improvements and enable the flag.

12. Enable Lite Videos:

While watching video content using chrome browser on your phone if you enable this flag it will save your extra data and let you watch the video in lite mode.

I did not use or experienced this chrome flag personally but after reading about this flag it seems somehow promising about the video browsing.

To enable this feature just visit Chrome://Flags and search for Enable LiteVideos and enable the flag.

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