Creating Your First People Card on Google – Add Me to Search

Now anybody can search Add Me to Search on Google and Create their First People Card on Google for free. This is a new feature of Google that is open for all of us without any condition.

What is a People Card? – Google Released one virtual Identity Card that shows up short info about any person when you search their name on Google.

Steps to Get Started With People Card

Warning: This feature is only available in India for users that have their set language to English. This feature isn’t available yet on desktop.

What do you need to Create Your First People Card?

If you have these following things then you can create a people card on google by your own. If you need any technical help you can read it on google.

  • Any Mobile Phone or Tablet
  • A Google Search Compatible Browser in it (like – Chrome)
  • A Gmail Account signed in your Mobile/Browser
  • Web & App Activity turned on (Most of the time is default turned ON)

Now once you have these all things now what? – Let’s get started and create your First People card on Google.

How to Create a People Card on Google?

Follow the guide I am sharing with your below here, you can do it on your own by just checking out every term and filling the right information in it.

Time Required 11 minutes

Step 1:- Type “Add me to Search” on Google

Open the Chrome browser and type “Add me to Search” and click the Search button. You will see a result like in the image below “Add Yourself to Google Search”.

You can check an example card there or Click the Get Started Button
Step 1 to Add Your People Card on Google

Step 2:- Click on “Get Started”

When you clickon Get Started it will ask to choose your Google Account and then a form will appear. Just fill the information you want to display in your People Card on Google.

You can give link to your Social Media/Your Blog/Your Email/Your Mobile number
Step 2 to Add Your People Card on Google

Step 3:- Fill Up Information And “Click Save”

The Final Step is here, Click on Preview and you will see a preview of your Card on Google.
If everything seems right;

Now click Save that’s it, you have successfully created Your First People Card on Google.

Watch this video below to get detail practice on How to Create your First People Card on Google

What is the Use of this People Card?

If you are a small/medium scale business man then you can now create your own personal Card on Google. Then you can add your business contacts on the card. This will act like your Personal card as you give someone your visiting card.

This is How People Card Will Help Your

This is really great opportunity for Blogger and Youtubers and I am proud that I am also one of them. Now we all will have a virtual identity on google with our name and if anybody search for it then Google will show it up.

Note: Please be sure before you give your information on this card, as each info will be visible to public they can use it. Like if you give your mobile number then anybody can pick thenumber and call you.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a Google profile card?

Answer: A Google Profile Card/People Card is a virtual Profile Card that anybody can create for themself and put some information (name, address, contact, job, website, etc) that will appear in Google search if anybody searches that person name

How do you make a virtual visiting card?

Answer: It is easy to Create a Virtual Visiting Card on Google in just 3 Steps:
1. Open Chrome on Mobile and Search Add me to Search
2. Click on Get Started and Fill up the Form with your Info
3. Preview your Virtual Card and Click Save
Thats it, You have successfully created your Virtual Card on Google.

How do I search for a Google profile?

Answer: The Google Profile/People Card by Google is currently work in progress, once it get done Google will Add all cards to Google Search Result and
When You search my Name on Google, Soon you will see my Profile on Google.

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