5 Ways to Increase Internet Speed in Windows 10/8/7

There are several ways to optimize 80% to 90% of your original Internet Speed and Increase Internet Speed in Windows 10/8/7. But If you are using 2MBPS internet then forget about getting 10MBPS on your PC.

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5 best ways to increase the Internet speed in Windows:

  • Using LAN Cable for PC instead of Wifi
  • Using IDM to increase Download Speed
  • Stop Windows Auto Update
  • Set as Metered Connection
  • Using Google Public DNS

I know there are several ways to Increase your Internet Speed but still, These are some Best Ways that I have tried on my BSNL FTTH Connection and gain 99% of the original Speed.

Increase Internet Speed in Windows with These 5 Ways:

Note: The Internet Speed depends on two Main Factors – 1. Service from Your Internet Service Provider, 2. Your System Optimization.

We can not do in the first condition but yes the System Optimization is in our hands. So let’s get started with Settings Your Windows so you will get High-Speed Internet to use On your PC or Laptop.

1. Use LAN Connection instead of Wifi:

I don’t know the technical reason behind this but using LAN Cable (up to 3 Meters) gives you high-Speed Internet than using a Wifi Network.

Here is one test that was done on my Wifi network with 50MBPS Plan I was at 2 Feet Distance from the Wifi while doing this Test.

Internet Speed Difference for Using Wifi and Using LAN on Laptop

But Sometimes using LAN is not possible and Wifi gives you the freedom to move. So try to use the LAN Cable when you are downloading or Uploading something.

2. Using IDM to Get High Download Speed:

Even though I am using a 50MBPS plan I get up to 18MBPS Download Speed. But still, this download Speed depends on various factors.

  • Your Network Stability and Packet Loss
  • Server from you are downloading the file
  • Internet Usage by your PC or other Devices in your Home

If you use Internet Download Manager you get to utilize the maximum speed that you can get. But if you use the normal download that is Chrome Download then it will download with regular speed.

Use IDM to Download Files Fast

Just take a look at the download speed difference between Browser downloading speed and IDM Downloading Speed. Using IDM or similar downloading software is useful for fast downloading.

3. Stop Windows Auto Update:

This turning Off Windows Auto Update is not going to Increase Internet Speed in Windows. But it will help you a little bit that you are free to download and update your PC.

Note: IF you are not using a genuine copy of Windows then Keep the Updates Off because Updating Pirated Windows OS can damage the OS and you will have to Reinstall the Operating System again.

Pause Windows Auto Update

To turn off Windows Update Search Update in Windows Search >> Click on Windows Update >> Pause Windows Updates

Better option is: Get the OEM or Retail Key available in Cheap Rates.

4. Set as Metered Connection:

I love this Setting in Windows, which means you can Increase Internet Speed on Windows PC by just turning on one button Set as Metered Connection.

I turn this option whenever I use Mobile Network for My PC. This Saves my Data consumption and also Increases the Internet Speed for what I am doing on my PC.

Set as metered Connection - Background Internet usage will be Stopped

Go to Network and Internet Settings >> Select the Internet Option You are using >> Go to Properties >> Turn On Set as metered connection.

This option limits the data usage for other PC tasks and indirectly saves your Internet Data plus increase the Internet Speed for your Windows PC/Laptop.

5. Using Google Public DNS:

Using Google Public DNS increases the Internet Speed but you won’t notice it for downloading. This Process works fine for browsing online.

Increase Speed with Google Public DNS

What actually happes when you use Google public DNS?

Here is the answer, when you use Google Public DNS in your Network setting it uses the Google DNS and increases your Search Result ability, indirectly increase your speed when you search something on Google.

How Google Public DNS increase the Speed?

The answer is, Google has a cache of almost all sites online, and when you search you use Google for it. So it becomes easy for google to show you results faster than ever if you use the GOOGLE Public DNS.

Visit Here: How to Set Google Public DNS in Your PC.

You can download this Process in the form of image given below:

image 2

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