Whatsapp Web – Login and Use Web.Whatsapp.com

Web.Whatsapp.com oR Whatsapp web – is a web application that you can use to access your Whatsapp account on any Browser

This Whatsapp Web function is really useful when you are doing some work on your PC/Laptop and you need to share something from your pc to any WhatsApp contact.

Being a blogger I daily prefer to log in to this Whatsapp_Web Application.

But I did not use the Desktop Application for this, because you need to update the application after some time. And this is an Advantage of the web.whatsapp.com website over the Whatsapp_web application

How to use Whatsapp Web with web.whatsapp.com?

Before we get started with the Web version of Whatsapp Tutorial steps clear one thing, You will have to stay connected to the Internet from Both Mobile App and PC Web version to use the WhatsApp-web.

Time Required 5 minutes

Step 1: Visit the web.whatsapp.com website

Type web.whatsapp.com in your PC Browser search bar or just Visit the Whatsapp_web official website here

Step 2: Find Whatsapp Web option in Mobile


Now Open Your Whatsapp Application in Mobile and click on the More option (check for the verticle 3 dot option)

Step 4: Scan the Barcode


WhatsApp Will ask for Camera Permission Allow it and your camera will open. Now scan the Barcode on your PC using your Whatsapp on Mobile.

It will take around 5 Seconds to show your Whatsapp Web on PC this time depend on your Internet Speed

Step 5: How to Logout From Whatsapp_Web?

There are 2 ways to Logout Your Web version of Whatsaap/ Whatsapp on the PC account.

1. By Logging out from your Whatsapp Web portal:


2. By Logging out from Your Mobile Application:


If you are facing any issue while using this web version check some popular FAQ below or simply visit the official WhatsApp-web faq section.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How to get a number of Whatsapp by name from the Web?

Answer: Not Possible to get anyone’s number of Whastapp by just using their name from WhatsApp.

Q2: We cleared the Whatsapp chat then it will be shown on Whatsapp-Web?

Answer: No!! Whatsapp App and the web WhatsApp are synced from time to time every 10 seconds the time you clear your data on Whatsapp, you can not find it on Whatsapp web and vice versa.

Q3: is video call available in whatsapp-Web for my PC?

Answer: No!! Currently the Whatsapp Web does not support Camera Access but yes if you want to use it try whatsapp App on PC

Q4: Why my husband is checking my WhatsApp using Whatsapp-Web?

Answer: You both might have trust issues, talk to each other and clear the issue as soon as possible

Q5: In which country search for Web in whatsapp available?

Answer: Global, You can use Web.whatsapp.com from anywhere in this world

Q6: In Whatsapp web, I only want to have a single selected account from the primary mobile

Answer: You can use only one Whatsapp account in one browser in one tab. You will need to scan the Whatsapp web barcode using that particular WhatsApp mobile account

Q7: If antivirus is not there in the laptop so how to open Whatsapp Web?

Answer: There is no direct or indirect relation between Whatsapp-web and Antivirus on PC.

Q8: If I start a video call on the phone WhatsApp will it show on Whatsapp-Web?

Answer: No!! Currently, there is no camera feature available on Whatsapp-web. You can use the Whatsapp-Web to chat or send documents only.

Q9: How do I know whether the message has come from WhatsApp-Web or Whatsapp mobile?

Answer: Whatsapp-web is just a feature of the Whatsapp mobile app that makes it easy to use and chat while you work on your PC. Nobody can ever know the difference between messages sent from Mobile or Whatsapp-web.

Q10: kya whatsapp web ka qr code har baar change hota hai

Answer: Yes!! Whatsapp-web QR Code refresh itself after some time (10 Seconds)