Read this Before Using Whatsapp Payment Service

The Beta access of Whatsapp Payment Service has been rolled out in India. In the future, we all are going to use this feature just like Phonepe and Paytm to transfer money.

But the Whatsapp Payment is going to be more easy as we can send money using UPI up to ₹1 lakh free of charge and it will show in the chat, means no need to share screenshot anymore.

Total Whatsapp Users in India and Beta Access

There are total of 40crore Whatsapp users in India but for now, this beta service is given to only 2crore people. After taking all feedbacks the full version will be rolled out for all Indian Whatsapp Users.

Read this Before you Use Whatsapp Payment Service:

  • This option is available for Indian Whatsapp users only.
  • Your Mobile Number should be linked to your Bank account.
  • Only UPI Payments will be done using Whatsapp Payment.
  • No Wallet service is given means no Cashback offers.
  • To send Money via chat the Receiver Must have Signed up with Whatsapp Payment.
  • You can send money to any UPI Address. (eg. Phonepe UPI)
  • Do not Use Whatsapp Mod APK (eg: GB Whatsapp Apk) for security.

Whatsapp Payment Service Security:

As you know there are multiple Mod Apks of Whatsapp like GB Whatsapp and others. But even if you don’t care about your Personal chats or data you still used those apps for extra features.

But now if you care about your Bank accounts you have to stop using the Whatsaap Mod Apks or you will loose your all money and nobody will help you for this.

How Whatsapp Payment Works

Using the Whatsapp Payment service is end-to-end secured and no data will be leaked by WhatsApp. If you have any questions you can check the Whatsapp FAQ Page.

How to Start Whatsapp Payment Service Option:

There is only 3 step simple process to get started with Whatsapp payment option. And you are ready to send your first payment using the whatsapp chat.

How to Setup Whatsapp Payment Option

Step 1: Go to Whatsapp Attachments and Click on Payment option.

Step 2: Select Your Bank Name you want to use as Payment on Whatsapp.

Step 3: Select the Sim 1 or 2 Linked to Bank and Verify your Number.

All Set if you already have set up the UPI Password just insert it or set up a new UPI Password to do the payments on Whatsapp.

Please Note: Just Like Phonepe, PayTm or Amazon Pay you will get a new UPI ID for Whatsapp too.

Who Can use Whatsapp Payment Service?

Any Indian can use Whatsapp Payment service if you are using Indian Mobile Number. The Number should be linked with your bank account for UPI Payment.

Who can use Whatsapp Payment Option

How to Pay Using Whatsapp Payment Option:

Follow these steps to Send Money to your Friend using Whatsapp Payment Option:

Send Money on Whatsapp

Step 1: Open the Chat you want to send Money to and Go to Attachments.

Step 2: Click on the Payment Option in Payments and Enter the Amount and Insert your UPI Password.

Step 3: If the Reciver dont have Whatsapp Payment Account just add their UPI and send the Money.