6 Books That Will Make You Rich!!

You might have heard these Books are our Friends!! but do you believe that? Because of that 80% of the world population are Poor and Middle-Class category and only 20% are Rich Holding the rest of the Money.

Who are really Rich? The wealthiness is not just how much you earn, but how much you are free to enjoy that earning. Rich/wealthy is only that person who can earn a lot and can enjoy that earning.

Why Rich are Really Rich? We all (Rich & Poor) have same 24hrs a Day, just the difference is how we both implement each hour make this difference of Rich and Poor people.

List of Books that will make you Rich

  • Rich Dad Poor Dad (English/Hindi)
  • Richest Man in Babylon (English/Hindi)
  • Think and Grow Rich (English/Hindi)
  • Cashflow Quadrant (English/Hindi)
  • Dotcom Secrets (English Only)
  • Experts Secrets (English Only)
ImageBooksCheck Price
Rich Dad Poor Dad 5

Rich Dad Poor DadReset your Mind

  • Let you think about Money
  • Best Book for Students
  • Anybody Can Read this
  • Help you think like Rich
The Richest Man in BabyLon 5

The Richest Man in
Saves Your Money

  • 7 Rules for Empty Pocket
  • Teach to Save and Gro Money
  • How to Spend your Money
  • Story of a Man in Babylon
think and grow rich 4

Think and Grow RichChange Mindset

  • Change Your Way of Thinking
  • 13 Principles of Rich People
  • How Rich Think
Cashflow Quadrant Book 4.5

Cashflow QuadrantGo Poor to Rich

  • 4 Quadrants knowledge
  • How they all think of Money
  • Take you Poor to Rich
  • Teach you about Assets
DotCom Secrets 4.5

DotCom SecretsSales Funnel

  • Best for Entrepreneurs
  • Teach You about Sales Flow
  • How to Get More Customers
  • How to Convert More Sales
  • Affiliate Marketing and Sales
Experts Secrets 4

Expert SecretsGro Business

  • Best For Businessman
  • Teach You the Expert way
  • Next Level of Dotcom Secret
  • Take your Business to next level

Before I get started let me tell you something; I have read these 6 books I mentioned above, whatever I will share will be shared based on my opinion, and opinion can be discussed or criticized.

Each book Plays its own Role; if you want to change your current finincial state and Need a Mentor these books will help you. Read these books in Givin Sequence and take actions you definitely get success as I got.

Before I started my first successful blog I read the Rich Dad Poor Dad and The Richest Man in Babylone.

Must Read Book

Rich Dad Poor Dad

You will Learn this

  • Rich don’t work for Money
  • Make Money Work for You
  • Learn about Money
  • Learn from Real Teachers
  • What are Asset and Liabilities
  • How to make Assets
  • Pay Yourself First
  • Best For: Employees, Students

“Your Education begins when you leave school not when you are in school”

— robert kiyosaki

Rich Dad Poor Dad book Summary:

This is a very basic book about Money, Author said his life story from childhood. He Called his dad as Poor Dad and his best friend’s dad as Rich Dad.

The Poor dad was a Ph.D. holder employee with high payment but still retired broked. Whereas the Rich Dad was not educated but had financial knowledge and a businessman so he lived his retirement life wealthy.

Why to Read this Book?

We all belong to the middle-class families where we are taught to get good marks and get a Job. But Robert challenge this thinking in his Rich Dad Poor Dad book and teach us how Rich people think.

When I completed this book I totally changed my thinking about money and became a $10,000 Self Employed from ₹2400 Employee.

The Richest Man in Babylon

You will Learn

  • 7 Rules to fill Empty Pocket
  • How Money work for you
  • Power of Compounding
  • Where should your money go
  • How to Spend your Income
  • Best For: Employees, Students

“The First Copper You save is the seed from which your Tree of Wealth Shall Grow”

— The Richest Man in Babylon

The Richest Man in Babylon Book Summary:

This Book tells 7 solutions for empty pocket, in the form of story of Richest Man in The Babylon City. If you are not able to grow your savings, or you are in debt and want to manage your money must read this book.

This Book Teaches some Money Rules:

  • Pay Yourself First
  • Do not spend more than need
  • Make Your Money work for you
  • Invest in Yourself
  • Protect your Wealth and Much more.

Why to Read this Book?

There is no need to read this Richest Man in Babylon book if you Read the Rich Dad Poor Dad Book the basic principles are same but if you Read this book you will learn some complex things that are not well explained in the Rich Dad Poor Dad Book.

Think and Grow Rich

You will Learn

  • Work on Your Mindset
  • You Choose Your Own Destiny
  • How Your Thought works
  • 13 Principles of Rich People
  • Philosophy of Achievement
  • Best For: Demotivated people

“Whatever the Mind of a Man can Conceive and Believe, It Can Achieve”

— Think and Grow Rich

Think and Grow Rich Book Summary:

This book is survey of how Rich People think, Philosophy of Achievement. If you have read both books above you can improve your knowledge by reading this book.

Think and Grow Rich Book tells about the starting point of all achievements is desire and consistency towards your desire, keeping the little fire burning inside you to keep you on the way to your Achievement.

Why to Read this Book?

If you are demotivated and need someone to clear your mind thoughts this book will help you. Think and Grow Rich is not just a being Rich book but it helps us in how to achieve small goals and win a big dream.

Cashflow Quadrants

You will Learn

  • Learn about 4 Quadrants
  • How the Rich don’t Pay Taxes
  • Cashflow is important
  • What is Your Asset
  • About Cashflow Game
  • How to become Investor
  • Best For: Employees, Self-Employed

“Real Independence is when we get Financially Independent”

— Cashflow Quadrant

The Cashflow Quadrant Book Summary:

There are 4 Quadrants in the world, E – Employee, S – Self Employed, B- Businessman, and I- Investor. IN the E and S quadrants people are having less money and pay high taxes. Whereas the B and I quadrants people have more money and pay zero taxes.

The Cashflow Quadrant book teach us one step ahead from The Rich Dad Poor Dad book. How to Jum from E to B or S to I quadrant and be Finincialy Free

Why to Read this Book?

If you have completed reading the Rich Dad Poor Dad Book now its time to upgrade your knowledge with Cashflow Quadrant book. This book also has a free to play game that is similar to the Monopoly game.

This book will help you – If you are willing to know in which quadrant you are now and how you can become Financially Independent that is even if you don’t work you will not be worried about your bills.

DotCom Secrets Book

You will Learn

  • The secret behind Sales Funnel
  • How to Upsell your Customer
  • Sales Funnel and Email Pitch
  • Website vs Sales Funnel
  • Sell as much as possible
  • Best For: Marketers and Businessman

“Your Email List is Your Wealth”

— Russell Brunson

The Dotcom Secret Book Summary:

Russell Brunson the author of Dotcom Secret shared his experience from college to being a Millioner. He shared in this book how he sold his Potato Gun course online and then how Creating a Sales funnel grown his sales.

He Said once your customer is willing to buy dont just sell one product sell more and more with ladder system.

He also focus on creating a value product, whatever you sell or give must give more value than what your customer is expecting.

Why to Read this Book?

If you are an Affiliate Marketer or a Product Owner and getting traffic to your product but your Products are not selling, this book will help you in creating your sales funnel and upsell more products.

You must read this book because the author is giving his Hardcore Copy of Book for free just need to pay the shipping copy.

This book is advance level only for Marketers and Buisnessman so keep this in mind while you purchase this book.

Experts Secrets Book

You will Learn

  • 2nd Part of Dotcom Secrets
  • How to Become a Leader
  • Importance of your Followers
  • How to Gro Grow your Business
  • What Experts do in their business
  • Create a brand like Apple
  • The secret behind each Brand
  • starts with Cashflow Quadrant
  • Best For: Marketers and Businessman

“Focus on the 20% of your work that brings 80% of the Result”

— Expert Secret

The Expert Secret Book Summary:

This Expert Secret is advance level book of Cashflow Quadrant and Dotcom Secret books.

The Expert Secrets book where you learn about the how you can create your own business in a new blue ocian. This is one of the shortcuts of the new rich.”

Working in a Microniche is always profitable; if you dont want to get stuck in business success this book is good for you.

Why to Read this Book?

Those who have completed all above books and want to start a business should read this Expert Secret Book.

Just for reding and gro your knowledge this book good but if you are planning to start or grow your business this book will help you more.

We easily Spend more than ₹200 on Watching Movie or Spend ₹500 and more for shopping for a new Dress. But what if we invest that value in a Book?

We are not Rich because we don’t know where to Spend our Money.

“Goal is to Be Rich not to Look Rich”

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