Make Money With Google Task Mate

Finally, Google Stepped into a Digital Task Application with Google Task Mate for Android. You can Earn Money by using this app and completing some tasks given in this app.

What is Google Task Mate? An Android App named Task Mate on Google Playstore is a Google Product that pays you for completing tasks given on that app.

Why Google Task Mate app?

As you know there are so many big players/companies that handle the outsourcing of lots of businesses. But that kind of outsourcing is for technical and security purposes, but what about Marketing and Public Opinion?

And there are lots of other companies already present in the same TASK COMPLETION niche online but Google has a plus point that is TRUST.

Download Task Mate by Google

Task Mate by Google
  • Complete Task and Earn Money
  • Owner: GOOGLE
  • Work for Android Phone
  • Available in Beta now
  • Full Version coming soon

So as soon as Google will enter to this Market People will surely start using it without any doubt.

What kind of Tasks need to Complete?

It will totally depend on your Region, Language you know, if you know multiple languages and google want to complete any task in your area then it will show it to you and pay you after successful completion.

Task Mate Task Types

Tasks for example are:

  1. Local Company surveys
  2. Reviewing Local Business
  3. Adding Photos of Local Places
  4. Read and Record any Text
  5. Translate any Audio or Text

Please Note: This App is in Beta for Now, and Google continues to learn more about how to provide additional earning opportunities through crowdsourcing.

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How to Use Task Mate by Google?

This Task Mate by Google is in Beta Mode for now and once the work is done it will come in full mode for all.

Step 1: Download and Install the APK

Download the App from Google Play Store link given above, and install it in your Phone.

Step 2: Select Your Email and Signup

Now Choose Your Email Address to Get Started with the Task Mate app. Then Choose the APP language and click next.

Step 3: Enter the Referral Code

Now the Google Task mate will ask you for Referral Code enter the Referral code and then accept the Policies to get started.

For now this app is in beta mode and will not work withut any Referral Code.

Google Task Mate Referral Code

Where do I get Google Mate Referral Code?

If You don’t have any Referral Code for Now please wait till the Full Version of this app is launched.

There are lots of websites and Videos that claim they have the Referral code but that all are fake. Google has distributed a few Referral codes to selected people only and Google is testing the app functions.

Once the app is open for public you can also earn with Referral earning, so for now just keep this note that you will use the Google Mate app in future and earn money with google.

Google Task Mate Invitation Code