3 Ways to Force Quit Windows Application Process

The Most Popular way to Force Quit Windows Application is to Click multiple times using the Mouse Left Click if your PC is not responding due to that application.

I always do this with my games, if any game crash due to some issue I click Multiple times on the game then one Popup arise showing Application Not Responding Force Quit Windows Application or Wait for the application to Respond.

Application Not Responding Force Quite

But there are 3 more ways that you can use to Force Quit an Application on a PC. You can use any one of these just make sure you will follow all the steps properly.

  1. Using Alt+F4 Keys
  2. Using Ctrl+Alt+Delete OR Ctrl+Shift+Esc Keys
  3. Using Command Prompt and Task Killing

Let’s begin with the easiest one, and know how you can Force Quit Windows Application Process.

1. Using Alt+F4 Keys:

Using this option may Shut down your PC just be careful you have selected the Application you want to Force quite on your PC.

As you can see in the image below, you just have to use the same keys I have shown below. First press the Alt Key and then Press the F4 Key without releasing the Alt Key.

Using Alt+Fr Keys

You just have to use this step once or twice and you will Force quit the Application on your PC. If your PC is not Responding and you used this Trick then it might take some time to Respond your PC back and perform the Force quit process.

But What if your PC/Laptop does not support this Trick – OR – Dont have F1 to F12 Keys??

2. Using Ctrl+Alt+Delete Keys:

In case your Laptop/PC does not support the above trick or your Keyboard just doesn’t have any Function Keys (that is near to impossible), you can use this second trick.

Using Ctrl+Alt+Delete – OR – Ctrl+Shift+Esc Keys can help you to Force Quit Windows Application. Just follow some steps below.

  • Using Ctrl+Alt+Delete Keys: If you press these 3 keys one after another as shown without releasing any of them then you will see a Popup of Task Manager there you will find all Task Running on your PC.

Using Ctrl+Alt+Delete Keys

  • Using Ctrl+Shift+Esc Keys: In Case your PC/Laptop does not have the Delete Key you can use this option that will also open the Task Manager in windows PC.

Using Ctrl+Shift+ESC Key

  • Choose the Application: Now in the Process tab you can select the Application Process you want to Force quit and click on the End Task button in the Task Manager Right bottom.

End Task using Task Manager in Windows PC

3. Using Command Prompt:

This is quite a technical Term using the Command Prompt or CMD Prompt, but this helps in a lot of cases. Just make sure you will not type anything different than what I am going to share with you. (or else if you typed any wrong command and your pc locked who knows????)

  • Click Windows+R key: Pressing the Windows key followed with R key will open the Run program that is helpful to open the CMD Prompt.

Using Command Prompt

  • Type ‘CMD’ and Click Enter: You will see a Run Program window as shown below, you have to type CMD in the search bar and then press the Enter button to open the Command Prompt.

Open CMD prompt using Run Program

  • Now type tasklist and Press Enter: Type Tasklist and hit the Enter button this will show you the list of tasks running on your PC.
  • Now type taskkill/im {name_of_program}.exe: Now in the next step type this -> taskkill/im [Space] {Program Name} that you want to force quit. Ex: taskkill/im Chrome.exe

The image below will explain how I closed the Spotify – Force Quit Windows Application Process using CMD Prompt.

example showing how to use Taskkill CMD Prompt