Zooming in and out can be used for multi-purpose; For Example, I use to Zoom my PC Screen to show the Text on my desktop screen to my students during an online class. What you are looking for may be different but check out these 3 Ways to zoom in on PC Desktop and Browser

  • How to Zoom in on Desktop Screen?
  • How to Zoom in on Browser?
  • How to Change Display Size of Desktop?

Choose any one of the questions you are looking for and jump directly to that answer. The first one is really simple but difficult to remember; so you can bookmark our this page to keep it in mind.

How to Zoom in on PC Desktop Screen?

This Desktop screen zooming is like your current desktop screen is zoom in on PC with the help of Magnifier in the windows PC. Suppose you want to live stream or record something on your screen then you can show up some small text option with this zoom-in feature. check out the image below.

Windows PC Magnifier


Here the Screen 1 Shows how to look for Magnifier and Screen 2 shows how it will look like when you open the Windows Magnifier. There are 3 types of views available in this windows magnifier. You can choose one that suits you.

Step 1: Click on the Windows Task Bar and Search for Magnifier.


Step 2: Now You will see an Application in the Search Result, this is the default Windows feature. Click to open it.

Step 3: As soon as you open this application your screen will be zoom the number of zoom percentages is shown on the application.

Step 4: You can change the Zoom size, View Type, and Minimize the Magnifier. This Zoomed view will reset only when you close this Magnifier application.

Uses of Magnifier in PC

Full Screen: This option lets you zoom the full windows screen, you can change the 100% zoom option to any according to your need so that the screen will be zoom accordingly.

Lense: In this View option your cursor will act as a Real Magnifier, and when you move your cursor to any particular portion that will be zoomed.


Docked: In this view, a fixed horizontal view is shown on the top of the desktop there you will see the zoomed screen, to see this you need to move your cursor and that portioned will be seen in the top docked view.

Here is one Shortcut for this use Windows + Plus key to zoom in and Windows + Minus key to zoom out. This will also help you if your windows Screen is stuck at zoom in the situation.

Q: How do I get my computer screen back to normal size?

 You can fix a computer that is zoomed in by using the key Windows+minus on your keyboard, this will normalize your desktop screen and then close the Magnifier app.

How to Zoom in on Browser?

There are two ways to Zoom in and Zoom out in any browser on your PC. You can zoom using Keyword+Mouse or just using the keyboard.

  • Press Ctrl+Scroll up and down to zoom in and zoom out.
  • Press Ctrl+Plus to zoom in and Ctrl+Minus key to zoom out.

How to Change Display Size of Desktop?

Change the Display Size of Desktop means changing your desktop Resolution. This feature lets you change the Text Size, App Size that increases, or Reduces the Pixel size.

Check this video and follow the instruction to change the Resolution.