How to Get Bluetooth On PC [Windows 7,8,10]

We do not get inbuilt Bluetooth Hardware like Laptops. But you can Get Bluetooth on PC of Windows 7, 8, or 10 by buying an extra hardware device.

Bluetooth helps in File Transfer and Internet Tethering, But when it’s about PC You need to buy external Hardware. The Bluetooth Hardware costs around $2 to $3 and comes with Autorun or CD to install the Driver Software to work the Bluetooth on PC.

How to Install Bluetooth on PC of Windows:

In this article, I will share how you can install the Hardware and Driver CD to get Bluetooth working on your PC. This is very easy to do work but if it does not work properly then please check your Bluetooth hardware is damaged or not.

  • Insert the USB Bluetooth to PC USB Port
  • Insert the Bluetooth Driver CD in CD Driver
  • Let the Hardware Autofetch the drivers
  • Go to the Driver setup and install the Bluetooth software manually.
  • Check the Bluetooth by adding a new device.

Step 1: The very first step is to insert the Bluetooth hardware in PC USB Port, some hardware comes with inbuilt drivers and some comes with an extra CD with the package.

Inserting Bluetooth Hardware to PC USB Port

Step 2: If the Bluetooth hardware comes with an extra CD insert it to the CD Driver of your PC, IF the Bluetooth Hardware is Plug and Play device then let the hardware auto-install the drivers in your PC.

Bluetooth Installation process for Windows PC

Step 3: If you are using the CD for installation, then go to the setup and follow the process of installation with accepting the policies and pressing next then Click to Install.

Finish the Drivers for Bluetooth on PC

Step 4: If any problem occurs during installation please check the website of hardware you have Purchased, they also provide the latest driver setup on their website.

Step 5: All Done now You will see the Add Device option when you click on the Bluetooth option on the Task Bar of your pc. Try to add your pair’s new Bluetooth device and check if it’s working properly or not.

Add a Bluetooth Device on your PC

Why Bluetooth Hardware does not work?

The answer is; Sometimes the hardware you purchase may come with any internal circuit break or hardware damage. Because when you plug it in your PC, Most of the Hardware auto fetch the drivers.

How to Determine If Your PC Has Bluetooth?

The very simple way to check if your PC has Bluetooth or not is to look into your PC Device Manager.

  • Search for Device Manager in PC Search Bar
  • Open the Device Manager and check if you can see Bluetooth along with your other devices on PC.
  • More refer to the image below.

How to Determine If Your PC Has Bluetooth

Why can’t I find Bluetooth on my PC/Laptop?

To check if your PC or Laptop has the Bluetooth installed and working or not then go to the device manager and check if you can see the Bluetooth in the list.

Your Bluetooth is not working because: