Solution: iPhone is not Showing on PC – Windows and Mac

The very first check if your iPhone is not Showing on PC is: check you are using original iPhone USB Cable and Your iPhone trust your PC. Check a sum up answer below here.

If your iPhone is not Showing on PC then Check if your iPhone is Unlocked and whether it is showing on other PC with the same USB cable or not. If it’s not working on your PC only then follow the steps below for a detailed Answer.

iPhone is not Showing on PC – For Windows PC

If you are using a Windows PC to connect your iPhone with iTunes software then follow the steps given below.

  • Connect Your iPhone with PC
  • Then click on the Taskbar and Search for Device Manager
  • Now go to Portable Devices and click on it for more options.
  • Below the Portable Device option, you will see apple iPhone device Right-click on it for more options.
  • The simple option you can use is to Uninstall the device and Reboot your PC.
  • This will create a new device driver and your iPhone will start showing up in your PC.

Update your iphone iTunes Drivers

Or You can click on the Update Driver Software and follow the steps by watching this video.

For better understanding, you can follow the steps given on the official iPhone website or Contact the Apple Support

These Questions may answer your basic questions about connecting the iPhone device to your PC.

Q1: Why is my iPhone not showing up on my Windows Computer

Answer: If you cant see your Phone when it is plugged in then do this:

  • Check if it is working with other PC with the Same USB Cable
  • Check your Device is Trusting your PC
  • Check if your iPhone is Turned on and Unlocked.
  • Check your PC USB/iTunes Driver is Updated to the latest.
  • Try other USB ports on your PC and remove all other USB Devices to check.
  • Restart Your PC and iPhone while they are connected.

Q1: Why the iPhone not showing up in the device manager?

Answer: Connecting the iPhone with Windows PC is not easy as usual, I would suggest you go with iTunes Software for easy going.

  • Check if you are using the iTunes on your PC – if not download one.
  • Check your iTunes software is updated to the latest version or not. Update it by using the steps given above.
  • If your iPhone is not showing in Portable device in device Manager then check it in Removable USB device
  • Check if it is showing with your iPhone name or as an Unknown Recognized device.
  • The Unknown Device can be solved with Troubleshooting it.