Phoenix OS – How to Install Android OS on PC Windows 10/8/7

Phoenix OS is an Android Operating System that can be installed and used as an Android OS on PC. The best part of this Phoenix OS is you can play any Android App and Game on PC even if that game is made for Mobile only.

You can Download and Use Phoenix OS for free there is no need of activation key

Topics covered Here

  • How to Install Phoenix OS on PC
  • Using Dual OS in One PC
  • Phoenix OS vs Windows OS
  • How to Uninstall Phoenix OS from PC

How to Install Phoenix OS on PC Windows 10/8/7

Installing Phoenix OS on pc is easy you can install this Android OS by using the EXE setup or ISO image file downloaded from the official Phoenix OS.

Please Note: I will not force anybody to use this Android OS only there might be some security issues and for this, you can use the Android Emulators like Bluestack on Windows. But there are some performance disadvantages of Android Emulators too.

Time Required 30 minutes

Step 1: Download Suitable Version of Phoenix OS

Types of Phoenix OS Package

You can see in the image, There are two types of Packaging. And when you visit the download page you will see one latest Android version and one previous Android version.

Go to Download Page

If You are using windows OS and want to install an Android OS as a secondary OS then I would recommend you download the EXE Installer.

Step 2: Select Allocate the OS Storage

Installing Phoenix OS on Your PC

Once You download the EXE installer and Open it you will see a window like in the image above. You can install this OS on External Pen Drive or on your Same PC HDD.

Here To use the Phoenix OS as a secondary OS choose the Hard Disk option and it will ask you to allocate storage.

Phoenix OS Installation Guide
To use the Maximum storage you need to Choose the 32 GB option here. This is because whenever you install any App or Game it will only use this 32 GB space from Your total HDD.
Then Click on Install Button and let the System install the Setup.

Step 3: To Finish Installation Reboot Your PC

Finish Installing Phoenix OS on PC

Now the Final Step in Installation, to Reboot your PC to finish the Phoenix OS installation process.

When your PC is Rebooting it will ask you to choose the OS to boot into; If you don’t choose anything it will automatically boot into your Primary OS that is Windows OS.

Using Dual OS in One PC

Using Dual OS in One PC is possible with Phoenix OS too, if you use the EXE installer as mentioned in steps above then on ever boot you can choose your OS to use.

Phoenix OS Dual Boot

Like in this image above the Windows 8.1 is my Primary OS while Phoenix OS is secondary OS and I can boot in any on them.

Using Duol Operating System on Your PC

If I do not choose any OS then my PC will boot in Windows 8 automatically after 5 seconds. But don’t worry even if you boot in your Windows 8/10 you can shift to Phoenix OS anytime by clicking on the Desktop Icon of Phoenix OS in Windows.

Phoenix OS vs Windows OS

There are some Advantages and Disadvantages of Phoenix OS over Windows OS like you get free to use license and any Android Game on PC.

SRParameterWindows OSPhoenix OS
1License RequiredYesFree
2.Main UseOffice and WIndows DevelopmentAndroid Gaming
3SupportsWindows Softs and PC Apps/GamesAny Android App/Game
4SizeIt takes around 20 GB SpaceThis OS takes aroud 3 GB Space
5Virus ProctectionAvailableNot Available
6PC GamesSupport all GamesDo not Support
7Mobile GamesCan be played using EmulatorsAny Android Game/App supported

How to Uninstall Phoenix OS from PC?

If you don’t like Phoenix OS for any reason you can remove this OS without harming your Primary OS that is Windows 10/8/7.

Step 1: Find Phoenix OS Uninstaller

To Uninstall the Phoenix OS you will have to boot in your Primary OS in this case Windows 10/8/7 and then follow this path to find the Phoenix OS Uninstaller Location.

This PC >> C Drive >> Phoenix OS >> Uninstaller.exe

In special case please check where you have installed your OS. For this Right Click on the Phoenix OS desktop icon and then click on find file location.

How To Uninstall Phoenix OS - Easy Way

Step 2: Choose Reson of Uninstalling the OS:

When You open the Phoenix OS Uninstaller it will ask you the reason of Uninstalling this OS you can answer it or just click on Uninstall.

Choose the Reason to Uninstall Phoenix OS from your PC

There are multiple options online or we can say Alternatives of Phoenix OS are available to use. But I like this OS performance.

Top 6 Alternatives of Phoenix OS [Free to use]

  • Android-x86 Project.
  • Bliss OS.
  • Prime OS (Recommended)
  • OpenThos Android OS.
  • Remix OS.
  • Chrome OS.

You can try any OS mentioned above in case you are not happy with the Phoenix OS. If you are a Android App developer you might know the Android-x86 Project OS.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: What is Phoenix OS?

Answer: Phoenix OS is a Free to use Android Operating System that allows you to play any Android App/Game on PC

Q2: Is it safe to use Phoenix OS?

Answer: No!! This is a Freeware and can say any confirm statement about Security. If you want to enjoy the Android Games Smooth Gameplay on PC then you can use this OS for this purpose only.

Q3: Can I play PUBG on Phoenix OS?

Answer: Yes!! Phoenix OS became popular just becuase of PUBG Mobile, You can play Any Android Game on your PC using Phoenix OS.

Q4: Which Android OS is best for PUBG?

Answer: Phoenix OS!! If you are looking for Android OS then go for Phoenix OS although there are multiple Alternatives in market but Phoenix gives best performance

Q5: What is the use of Phoenix OS?

Answer: You can use Phoenix OS for using Android Apps and Games on PC, Most of the people use this OS for one purpose only that is Android Gaming on PC