We need to take screenshot on PC for some important images from some videos or for something we need to save for later work or while playing games to capture the best moments from the games. So, on your PC you can take screenshots very easily.

To take a screenshot on PC the easiest step is to use the button ‘Print Screen’ given on your Keyboard. Just use this key and get your screenshot ready to use for your work.

Print Screen button on Your Keyboard


Easy steps to Take Screenshot on PC or Mac.

In this article, I will guide you on how to take screenshots on Windows PC and Mac and where the screenshots are saved. There are several ways to capture screenshots on PC as follows: –

  • Using Keyboard shortcuts on Windows PC and MAC.
  • Using the Snipping Tool on Windows PC.
  • Using Game bar on Windows PC

1. Taking Screenshot on PC with Windows+PrtSc: –

  • In windows, you can capture a screenshot using the Print Screen button given on your keyboard. On your keyboard, you can see PrtScn written on the key instead of the Print Screen.
  • So you just need to press the [Windows key + PrtScn], after pressing your screen will be dimmed it means a screenshot is captured. But Where do Screenshot go on PC? You will find your Screenshot by just following this Location Path: ThisPC > Pictures > Screenshots

PrtScn key on your Keyboard

  • Another way to capture screenshot is by just pressing PrtScn or press the [Ctrl+PrtScn] button and then you need to open Paint or Microsoft Word or any other image displaying program.
  • Now paste your captured screenshot by pressing [Ctrl+V], you can then save the image in your required image format wherever you want to save.

2. How to capture Screenshot on your MAC: –

  • To capture the screenshot on your MAC, press [Cmd + Shift + 3]then you’ll hear a click, and the screenshot thumbnail will appear in the lower right corner of your screen.
  • Screenshots are automatically saved as PNG files to your desktop. If you want to save to the clipboard instead, press and hold [Control + Cmd + Shift + 3].

3. How to use the Snipping Tool to Take Screenshot on PC: –

  • In windows, there is a feature called snipping tool to take a screenshot of whatever you want from your screen.
  • In the Snipping tool click on New and then your screen will freeze and then capture the area whichever you want from your screen using your mouse.

Snipping tool to capture screenshot on pc

  • The screenshot will appear in the snipping tool window, then click File and then save the screenshot.

4. Using Game Bar to take Screenshot on PC: –

  • You can use the Game bar to snap a screenshot, whether you’re in the middle of playing a game or not. Click the [Windows key + G] key to open the Game bar.

Game bar to take screenshot on PC

  • Or you can use a shortcut key [Windows key + Alt + PrtScn] to
  • You will find your Screenshot by just following this Location Path: This PC > Videos >Captures

These are the simplest ways to take a screenshot on PC which can be used very easily. If these techniques don’t work then you can use various tools like ‘Snip and Sketch’ and many more like this.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1: How do you take a screenshot on Windows?

Answer: The easiest way to take a Screenshot in PC is by using the following Keyboard Shortcut: [Windows Key+PrtSc] (PrtSc= Pring Screen Button). You will find this Screenshot in this Location: This PC >> Pictures >> Screenshot

Q 2: Where is the Screenshot Location on PC?

Answer: There are two Default Screenshot Location on PC as follows:
1. This PC >> Pictures >> Screenshot
2. This PC >> Videos >> Capture


Q 3: What is a snipping tool on a computer?

Answer: A Snipping tool in Windows is a Microsoft Utility Product that is used to capture Screen and is available on Windows Vista and Onward versions.

Q 4: Where is the snipping tool on a PC?

Answer: You can find the Snipping Tool on PC by simply Typing “Snipping Tool” in the Windows Search Bar

Q 5: Is Snipping Tool on Windows 10?

Answer: Yes!! Snipping tool is available on Windows 10. Actually it is inbuilt utility software in every Windows Vista and Onward Operating System

Q 6: How do I print screen in Google Chrome?

Answer: To take a screenshot in Google Chrome using Print Screen Just Press [Windows Key+PrintScreen] You will find this Screenshot in this Location: This PC >> Pictures >> Screenshot

Q 7: Where do Snipping Tool screenshots go?

Answer: Nowhere!! Actually when you click on New button in Snipping tool it capture the screen you select and then you have to choose where to save the Captured Image.