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The reason why everyone is searching for an Audio book for free is when we buy a book it comes in hard binding or copy, but while we purchase a book we cant see it. So rather than purchasing, we try to get it free first and it will take time to know the real value of Audiobooks.

Listening to an Audio Book is easy in today’s busy life schedule than Reading a Book every day. In my case, frankly speaking, I don’t like to read books, but when I listen to the audiobook; I completed 3 books in 1 Month.

Today I will Share with you How I got 3 Audiobooks free on Audible and How you can get it too.

How to Get a Free Audio Book on Audible?

You just have to signup to get your first Audio Book Free on Audible. I will share those simple steps below here.

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Audible Offer

Audio Book For Free

Features of Audible

  • 30 Days Free Trial for Regular Member
  • 90 Days Free Trial for Amazon Prime Member
  • 1 Free Audiobook for Regular Member
  • 3 Free Audiobooks for Amazon Prime Member
  • Cancel membership anytime

Steps to Get Your Free Audiobook:

  • Signup and Get Your Free Audible Credit
  • Use Your Credit for buying any Book for free
  • Enjoy Your Book anytime Anywhere

In case You dont like your Book You can Return the book and get Your Credit Refund Back.

Audible is an Amazon Product and when you buy any Audiobook from Amazon it gets saved in your Audible Account.

Follow The Steps Given Below to Get your First Audiobook For Free from

Time Required 10 minutes

Step 1: Get Your Free Audible Credit

Click Here to visit the Amazon Website where You will see Special Offer Made for you.
if you are not Logged in or You don’t have an Amazon app or Amazon Account, You will see an option as per the image above.

Just click on the Button Start Your 30 days Free Trial Now and When You click on it it will ask you to log in with Your Amazon Account.

Login or Signup Using Amazon Account

If you don’t have an Amazon account don’t worry there is a Signup button below the Login use that to get started.

Special Offer: today on 21st Oct 2020 Audible is giving 2 Books and 30 Days Trial Free.

If you are a Prime Member Audible is giving 5 Books for 90 Days Trial Free

Step 2: Start Your 30 Days Free Trial

Now You are signed up with Your Amazon Account. Download the Audible App login by using your Amazon Account Login id and Password.

Search any book you like, Check the Book Title, Author, Time Duration, and Then Buy with Audible Credit.

Step 3: Browse Your Favorite Book

Note: You can get Your Free Audiobook from Amazon Store or Audible Store by using the Audible credit.

You can check Your Audible Credit in Audible Account or Audible App. Check it here

image 4
After Successful Signup Audible will give you Free Credits (*based on your offer). Normally Audible gives 1 Credit and 30 Days Free Trial to anyone

Just Search the Name of Your Favorite book in Audible Search Listen to the Sample and confirm your Book Purchase for Free using the Audible Credit.

Buy Your First Book from Audible for Free

As in the above image, I searched for Rich Dad Poor Dad Audiobook there You will see some Filters and Button with Buy Now with 1 Credit

Choose your First Book:- I have written a Review on Books That Help You Get Rich!!

The Audible Credit is valid to Get any Audio Book for free – on The Price of that book could be anything you get that Audiobook for free.

Pros and Cons of


  • Get Free Trial up to 90 Days
  • Get up to 3 Audiobooks for free
  • Listen for Lifetime
  • Listen anytime Anywhere


  • After Free Trial books costs very high
  • You cant see the book
  • You cant feel the book
  • Pronunciation may be issue sometimes

3 Free Audiobooks For Amazon Prime Members:

I got my Amazon Prime Members Account Audible Free Trial for 90 Days on 16th Sept 2020. You can see the Image below states my Free Membership dates.

In this Trial period, I got 1 Credit every Month like these 3 Credits in 90 Days and I can Buy any 3 Books from Audible for Free.

Choose your First Book :- I have written Review on Books That Help You Get Rich!!

That is If you are an Amazon Prime Member You will get 3 Audio Books for Free on Audible by Amazon Prime.

3 Months Free Trial of Audible for Amazon Prime Members

How to Get Audible Credit Refund?

In case you don’t like any book or think you have purchased that book by mistake don’t worry you can get your Amazon Credit Back.

Step 1: Go to Account Settings:

Click on the Audible Account Details to see your account details. Then click on the Purchase History to see the books you have Purchased.

Step 2: Return Your Audiobook:

Now you will see your all Audiobooks under Your Purchase History click on the Return Button to cancle the book and return it to Audible store.

Step 3: Enjoy Your Refund Credit:

As soon as you Return your Audibook to Audible you will get instant 1 Credit Refund from Audible. Enjoy your refund and purchase a nice book next time.

How to Cancel Audible Membership?

If you don’t want to get billed after your free trial ends then make sure you cancel your Audible Membership before the Free trial ends (here: 30 Days for normal users and 90 Days for Prime members)

Step 1: Login to your Audible Account

Step 2: Now Go to Account Settings

Step 2 to Cancle Audible Membership

Step 3: Click on the Calcel Membership

How to Cancle Your Audible Membership

Free Audiobook on Youtube:

Piracy is everywhere and just because it has a huge demand. Similarly, Free Audiobooks on Youtube are available just because we demand that thing.

But, This Piracy of books hurt the Authors Pocket, though YouTube and other authorities continuously monitor such websites and Videos on youtube that can pirate content and ban them.

I especially Request You all, if you can get 3 Audiobooks free on Audible then why to go for Free Audiobook on Youtube? let’s work together to stop piracy

The same things happen with HD Movies Free Download the Movies get easily pirated because of high demand

Pros and Cosn of free Audio Books on Youtube:


  • You Get Free Audiobook
  • Download and Save the Audiobook Anywhere


  • Author does not get paid
  • You support Piracy
  • It is not ethical and Legal to download Pirated content

FAQ: Frequently Asked Question about Audible

Q 1: How to Get Rich Dad Poor Dad Free Audio Book on Audible?

Answer: Follow these Steps to Get Rich Dad Poor Dad Book for Free:
1. Click Here to Go to Audible Website
2. Then Log in Using Amazon Account
3. You will Get Free Credit with Free Trial
4. Search Rich Dad Poor Dad Book
5. Purchase that book using your Free Credit
Congrats !! You got the Rich Dad Poor Dad Audio Book for Free on Audible

Q 2: How to One of us is Lying Audio Book Free on Audible?

Answer: Follow these Steps to One of Us is Lying Audio Book for Free:
1. Click Here to Go to Audible Website
2. Then Log in Using Amazon Account
3. You will Get Free Credit with Free Trial
4. Search One of Us is Lying Audio Book
5. Purchase that book using your Free Credit
Congrats !! You got one of us is Lying Audio Book for Free on Audible

Q 3: Is audible free with Prime?

Answer: No!! Audible is not free, But If you are a Prime Member then You get 90 Days Free Trial with 3 Audio Books Free from Audible.

Q 4: Are audible books free?

Answer: NO!! Books have their own Price Range and sometimes you can get a huge discount during Sale.
Audible Gives 1 Book free for new Members Get your Free AudioBook

Q 5: Is Audible Unlimited?

Answer: Yes!! If you have any Book in Your Account you can listen it for lifetime but to get new book you need to buy the membership.